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Humanity Over Religion

World is going upside down but the question of the hour is “Is religion above humanity?”. Religion helps to introspect with ourselves and connect with God. On the contrary we have always taken religion in an egregious manner by massacring innocent lives. If God is good then we should not kill innocent people instead make world a better place. Going through the present scenario of Syria civil wars, it questions our religious ideologies. Jihadists killing innocent people in the name of God and Islam .  Islam does not teach to kill people instead it preaches us the strong power of peace and love. Terrorist group bombarding other countries and massacring their own countrymen is disturbing and question the whole humanity .The internet pictures of Syrian civilians are horrendous  which includes innocent women and children. This inhuman saga continues with the recent Paris attacks which is inevitable .The “City of love” was grotesquely attacked and Parisians were brutally killed  by  ISIS terrorists .The ghastly practices by ISIS terrorist and other functioning  terrorist group is an example of misleading the religion through criminal acts.

On the bright side the support and love Syrian war refugees getting from other countries reinstated my faith in humanity. Syrian refugees welled with sorrow getting help and support from other countries restore faith in God. Newly elected Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau set an inspiration by accepting  Syrian refugees whole heartedly by providing them shelter , food and basic amenities. Moreover he also pledged to take 25,000 refugees by the end of February.  This noble act by the Canadian Prime Minister was applauded by all.

India is renowned for its cultural diversity and secularism but the issue of intolerance hyped is inevitable. There must be tolerance and forgiveness. It’s our duty to set an example for the future generation. India should transcend into a ideal country where all religions are treated equally which will ultimately showcase the triumphant victory over religion .Humans mature spiritually and intellectually. Terrorism has no religion .Humanity is above all undisputedly.





Just a random day , I was binging on Youtube videos of the yesteryear Rockstars and Musicians . Among all , Beatles are my favorite . I mean literally I am a regular girl who is having a Beatles poster up on the walls of my room. Those cute boys from Liverpool with their unconventional haircuts revolutionized the whole scene of music in 60’s and 70’s era.  John Lennon, Paul Mc Cartney , George Harrison, Ringo Starr are the embodiment of rock Music and were exceptional. I read few books regarding their glory. Beatles were surreal something back in time and still for the crazy Beatlemania.  “Beatlemania”, a terminology referred to the fans who followed Beatles music and whatever they were upto. Beatlemania was a real thing back then . I saw in a documentary that people on the airport , didn’t board the plane because the “Fab Four” were present at the airport at the same time and people went berserk knowing their presence. They wanted  Fab Four full power performance on the runway . Therefore , the Fab Four obliged and gave a miraculous performance for about an hour and half on the runway . No wonder they are still remembered for their astounding contribution.

My favorite Beatle is John Lennon. The name itself needs no introduction. The founder of the Beatles group apart from being a musical genius , he was a great philosopher , writer, thinker and peace activist . He raised his voice when nobody dared to. His solo work after the break up of the Beatles was inclined towards peace mission . His songs namely Imagine, Give peace a chance, Instant Karma, Mind games , Happy XMAS (War is over) are credited as best peace songs of all time .  In the mid 1970’s  amidst the Vietnam war ,he started various peace movements in United States of America . Despite being a British citizen , he strictly condemn the American involvement in the Vietnam War while he was staying in America.  He returned his MBE(Member of British Empire ),Britain’s highest honor which was presented to him by Queen Elizabeth I  for  his contribution in music along with other Beatles members. He never believed in Monarchy  and hence the award or any  kind of honor didn’t fascinate him.  knowing the fact that Britain was involved in  Vietnam War  compelled him to return his MBE  as a protest. John Lennon along with his wife Yoko Ono started “Bed peace” which mean stay in bed which was a metaphor to make love not war. “Give Peace a chance ” was now an anthem for peace lovers, hippies and raging U.S citizens who were against the War.  He along with John Sinclair went on to protest on the streets of New York , Washington DC against President Nixon . He also took an initiative to protest against U.S government for arresting John Sinclair. He even wrote a song about John Sinclair and because of his stature and the numerous supporters , the government bended their knees and released John Sinclair . Such was the charm of John Lennon but after this influential incident ,he came under the notice of government Officials. He often expressed his opinion through quotes . He once said ” Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives” .The U.S government officials comprehended John Lennon as their biggest threat because he was trying to put their government in a bad light.

A very good friend of mine who is also a Beatles fan , told me that ” Never judge an artist from their personal life”. John Lennon had a troubled personal life  indeed. Being  an enormous music personality his life unlike others came under scrutiny of people. Further his immense popularity and fame became the reason of his death. A crazed fan, Mark Chapman  for no good reason shot Lennon just outside his flat on December 8,1980.He died on his way to hospital. I was literally shattered and deeply saddened when I saw the documentaries. I read the book “JOHN” by Cynthia Lennon, his first wife and it enlightened me about his life more accurately.

All he did was to form a phenomenal Band of all times and make good music to spread love . The price he paid for trying to awake people and promote peace was his own life. “Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans”  from the man himself is very apt for his own life. All he was saying to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE .